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)In today’s corporate world, it’s a battle to stay ahead in the race for success. Both men and women are contributing equally to build up the big picture of present society and advancement. But when it comes to parenting and career, women are still facing more troubles than men。


Most of the working moms complain that either work or parenting (or sometimes both) stress them out. Many find it difficult to cope out with these changes. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, if you are a working mother, it will always be a big challenge to maintain family and career at the same time. To ease your dilemma, here are seven hacks that will help you to keep your career and family happy。


1.Chart Out Your Tasks


It may sound unnecessary to write down your everyday tasks when you know what you are supposed to do for the day. But it has been scientifically proven that, when we jot down our day-to-day tasks, it actually helps us to be more efficient and effective. Make to-do or check lists separately for weekdays and weekends. Sometimes charting out tasks can help you to finish your tasks in advance。


2.Daddy Can Help!

2. 爸爸也可以帮忙!

In present days, daddies are stepping into parenting more and more. Talk to your husband to sort out things and schedules your parenting time and chores. You will have to understand both you and your partner will have to deal this with a better understanding. Think of it as enjoying parenting rather than performing it as a task. If possible, arrange work shifts alternately so either you or your husband will be able to stay with your children all the time. Parenting becomes much easier for a woman when she gets the cooperation of her husband。


3.Search For Day Cares And Nannies

3. 寻找日托服务或保姆帮忙

Sometimes, it may become difficult for both you and your husband to schedule time out to stay at home. For single mothers, it is always a struggle to find out safe places for their children. Get to know about your surroundings to find the best kid-friendly places. Browse on the Internet and/or take advice from colleagues and neighbors to find out the suitable day care center or trustworthy nannies for your children. Join in different mommies’ blogs and societies to know better。


4.Be A Tech Mom

4. 做一名有技术妈妈

It’s high time we moms are going tech with our day-to-day lives. Get out of those old granny’s parenting tips. Be a tech mom. Incorporate your smartphones into your routine as much as you can. Lean on some busy mommies apps like:


Cozi – A perfect family calendar and to-do list apps for busy mommies. This app will let you input your tasks according to your family members. You can also input check lists, grocery lists, reminders, appointments, etc。


Mom Maps – Looking for kid-friendly places? Use this app to find nearby parks, playgrounds, or indoor play areas。

Mom Maps——想要查找适合孩子们活动的场所吗?使用这个app就能搜索附近的公园、运动场,或室内的活动场所。

Mint – It’s a struggle to set a budget from salary and save from it. Track your income, investments, and expenditure in one app and always stay one step ahead with the monthly savings。


5.Buy Handy Home Appliances

5. 购置便利的家用电器

Cleaning, cooking, or washing, whatever it is – every household chore may become extremely stressful when you start trying to balance work and home at the same time. Save some money from every month’s salary to buy handy home appliances like – washing machine, microwave oven, dishwasher, and vacuum cleaner. Every home appliance when used wisely can reduce your stress。


6.Have Some ‘Me Time’

6. 保留一点“个人时间”

Many women reported that, after having kids and being a working mom, they have forgotten to find time for themselves. Do not fall into this trap. You may be 100% workaholic both at the office and at home, but having some quality me time will help you to do better and get rid of stress quickly. Watch a movie or favorite series, have a quiet and relaxing shower; maybe enjoy a dinner with your favorite dish in front of the TV or a spa day in the weekend can work as great stress busters for you。



7.Let Them Know ‘You Are A Mommy’

7. 突显自己“妈妈”的角色

Are you struggling with your workloads? Having frequent night shifts at work? May be your colleagues and boss are not properly aware of your situation. Find a professional manner to express your personal problems and struggles being a working mom. Get help from your colleagues to sort things better and in return help them out whenever you can. But while doing this, do not make parenting an excuse to slack off from duties and tasks。


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