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Introducing a new product range onto the market

* Timing

* Advance publicity


产品系列 product range 结束,终?terminate

确保,担?ensure 提前宣传 advance publicity

在很大程度上 to a great extent 促销活动 promotional events

不合时宜?ill-timed 方向,定?orientation


* 常用口头衔接?/p>

Well, the point I’m trying to make it is that…

Well, what I am trying to say is that…

And don’t forget…

* 常用开场白

I’d like to begin by saying…

I’d like to begin by raising the issue/question of….

There are two points I’d like to make…


When introducing a new product range onto the market, timing is the most important factor. A perfect timing can ensure the success of the product range to a great extent while an ill-timed launch will terminate the development of new products.

Besides, advance publicity is very important in warming up the market and arousing people’s interest in the coming of new product range. Advanced publicity is usually conducted through advertisement campaign. Good advance publicity will make people wait anxiously for the new products. And when the products are finally on sale, they couldn’t wait to possess them. At the same time, the company should organize various promotional events to stimulated people’s enthusiasm still further.

What’s more, to successfully introduce a new product range onto the market, the company should have a clear orientation of the potential customers, or in other words, the product range should have target customers. Nowadays, people like to show their personality over the things they use. So the fate of a new product range heavily depends on its followers or fans.


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