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Labor Unions

Dialogue 1

A: Labor relations have been getting heated over the last few days. There's even talk of a strike if contract negotiations don't go smoothly.

B: I would hate to see the negotiations go sour, because the last thing we need is more trouble from the labor union. What do they want this time?

A: They are demanding another raise for full-time employees and more vacation days. They claim there's an increase of work-related stress, so there ought to be some kind of compensation for higher pressure on the job.

B: Hasn't it always been stressful? Why make demands now?

A: With cutbacks after the recession, there is more workload per employee, so in actuality they do have more stress now than in the past. I just don't know if it warrants a pay raise for everyone.

B: I guess the labor union seems to think so.

Dialogue 2

A: Did your company go union? I heard that many companies in our industry are being unionized, so it's getting harder and harder to compete on a level playing field.

B: Yes, we're hopping on the bandwagon and signing up for the union. Mostly people are pretty happy about it... I guess it depends on if you are in management or in the labor force.

A: Management isn't looking on the labor unions too favorably, I'd guess. I don't blame them...Labor unions can really put the squeeze on the executives.

B: Sure... But it's probably better for the workers, because the union's whole purpose is to look out for the little guys. The only way that the little guys can take on the big bosses is if they unite. Labor unions are all about getting a voice for the underdog.

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