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TAIBEI-Increasing numbers of Taiwanese students are joining the island’s “China rush”, seeking education on the Chinese mainland.

According to official Chinese figures, the number of Taiwanese students admitted into college and postgraduate(研究生)programs on the mainland totaled 461 in 1996, 928 in 1997 and 839 in 1998.Although no latest official numbers were available,” Netbig. Com Said this number had risen between 30 to 50 percent annually in the past two years with well over 1000 entering mainland campuses last year.

The Internet site, based in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, provides education service and information on Chinese mainland college and universities. “Many Taiwanese believe a Chinese education giving more knowledge about the people and culture in the mainland will increase their chances in the Chinese job market, Net. Com vice-president Ingrid Huang said.“I believe it will give me hands-on experience in the business field in the Chinese mainland and a better understanding of the Chinese mainland people,” said Lydia Chang, a 19-year-old majoring in journalism at Shih Shin University. Chang plans to go on to get a master’s degree in business administration in Shanghai, which she says offers the best environment for such studies.

A journalism graduate student, surnamed Lin, at the National Taiwan University said he would like to study law on the Chinese mainland since “there will be better career prospects now that more Taiwanese companies are going there”. “They hope the children could build up connections which could later become useful in their business operations,” said Yang Ching-yao, professor of the Chinese mainland studies. A Netbig. Com survey showed the campuses favored by Taiwan students included Beijing, Qinghua and Renmin universities in Beijing, and Jinan and Zhongshan universities in Guangzhou. The most popular studies were law, business and Chinese medicine.

At present, Chinese Taibei doesn’t recognize diplomas earned in the Chinese mainland nor help with any inquiries about studying there. But recognizing the trend, education authorities are giving a final form to a policy accepting certificates(证书)from selected universities.

51.More Taiwanese students study on the Chinese mainland because ___________.

A.Taiwan will reunite with the mainland sooner or later

B.the fees asked for are lower than those of Taiwan

C.what they have learned on the mainland will bring them a bright future

D.there are many famous universities for them to choose

52.Some business executives were sending their children to study in the Chinese mainland so that their children ___________.

A.could receive better education

B.could learn more about the policy there

C.could do well in the business operations

D.could make more friends there

53.The underlined word “it” in the third paragraph refers to __________.

A.Netbig. Com B.a Chinese education on the mainland

C.the Chinese job market D.the university

54.The author wrote the article to tell us ______________.

A.more Taiwanese students are studying on the mainland

B.the number of Taiwanese students going to universities on the mainland had been increasing year after year

C.education on the mainland is more attractive compared with that of Taiwan

D.Taiwan and the mainland should cooperate with each other in every field.

55.Which is true according to the passage?

A.Chinese Taibei recognizes diplomas earned on the Chinese mainland

B.The number of Taiwanese students going to study on the mainland will surely be increasing in the next few years.

C.Chinese Taibei doesn’t help with any inquiries about Taiwanese studying in the mainland

D.Education of Taiwan is far behind the mainland.

【答案与解析】 51~55 CCBAC



52. C。推理判断题。通过文章第五自然段中“They hope the children could build up connections which could later become useful in their business operations,” 一句话可知。



55.C。推理判断题。通过文章最后一自然段第一句话“At present, Chinese Taibei doesn’t recognize diplomas earned in the Chinese mainland nor help with any inquiries about studying there.”可知台北不承认大陆学历,也不为台湾来中国留学的学生提供任何帮助;另外文章也没有说下一步台湾来中国留学的学生垦定会增加,也没有说台湾教育落后于大陆。

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